Handy Movers London – The Right Way to Move!

Handy Movers is a local, London-based moving company. Our purpose since the beginning is to give the people of this fair city of ours a helping hand with their moves. The company has been on the market since 1998 with a very high success rate in all our moving services.Removals London

With the unique focus on giving our clients exactly what they want, Handy Movers has pioneered a need-based approach to the moving process ensuring it’s catered toward every individual case. What does this mean? It means we offer a specialised service that can cover your entire move from packing, through loading and transportation, to unpacking, and you’re in control of what we do – you get to pick and choose from our full moving package in order to assemble the perfect service to fit your particular requirements.

Our work is the cornerstone of some of the most significant advances in the moving industry. As a moving company with so much experience in the field, we’ve gathered some of the most well-trained movers in London and we work with them for your benefit. We also use the most advanced packaging technologies and techniques in order to ensure your belongings’ safety and thus your satisfaction.

Why were we created?

The story of our creation is a banal one, but sadly most true stories are. In 1997, our founder was in the need of a mover in London. He hired one of the most recommended moving companies of the time (keep in mind the Internet wasn’t so readily accessible back then, neither did it contain so much information). He booked the company in advance.

At the day of the move, they showed up two hours late. Everything had been packed, ready, and waiting for them. The movers loaded the owner’s belongings onto the vans (not very carefully) and drove off. They were also late on the new address, because they had trouble finding it. When they actually did, they unloaded all the furniture and personal stuff on the pavement (again, not very carefully) and said they had to go for another job because they were already late.

When our founder complained, the movers told him to do it better if he could. At his reply that he could, they laughed in his face and drove off. A year later Handy Movers was born and several years later it had completely overtaken most of the Greater London area through our high quality moving services, excellent customer demeanour, and reasonable pricing.

At the end of the day our founder wanted to ensure that no one had to go through what he had to endure that day. He wanted to give people a better alternative. And so he did. This is our mission – to make your move smoother and your life a little bit easier. This is his vision, but a vision we all share. We’re here to help you – all you have to do is ask!

Benefits of Booking Our Moving Services in London

With Handy Movers you can be 100% sure that everything you have to move will get to the new location in one piece and without a single scratch. Our moving vans use cutting edge GPS devices and a 24-hour updated real-time info on traffic and routes, so that we are able to provide the fastest transportation and removal services in the whole Greater London area. If you book our moving services in London, you will also enjoy:

    • Affordable moving services – We do not only strive for being the moving company providing the best quality in London, but we’re also proud to have one of the best price rate per hour compared to all of the high and low-end movers in the area and in the UK. In time we have optimised our working process so that our costs allow us to beat any price you can get by other companies offering similar services.
    • Insured removals – Despite our moving vans being the safest vehicles one can get in the UK, we insure every piece of furniture or office equipment that we transport and carry to and from different locations.
    • Wrapping and packing – Household belongings require careful packing which, if done by a non-professional may lead to the furniture or goods being damaged, especially for fragile or smooth-surfaced articles and appliances. That is exactly why we are doing the complete packing process with specific materials for each of the particles to be moved. Nothing will be carried without proper wrap and once it is thoroughly secured.
    • 24/7 call centre – Our customer support centre is open for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re happy to receive your calls any time of the day or night, any day of the week. The Handy Movers representatives are always ready and happy to help a customer in need. All you have to do is call.

Call 020 3746 2512 now and book our moving services in London today. Alternatively, use our online booking form and receive a special discount! The choice is yours.

Handy Movers – the right way to move!